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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Year 8 Book Reviews: Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols

Mrs Wimsett's Year 8 English class have just completed book reviews, in which they chose a book and produced a poster or folder covering: a synopsis of the story, author biography, target audience and personal reflections. They then gave a short presentation of their review in front of their peers.

We start the ball rolling with Jess Holman's review of Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols.

Endless Summer is a "rom-com", aimed at a readership aged between 12 and 15. It is the sequel to The Boys Next Door.

The main character is called Lori. She is a bit "blonde" and clumsy so she kind of reminds me of myself! Lori loves to wakeboard; every Summer she does this and hangs out with her friends. This Summer it's her 16th birthday. Lori has been best friends with Adam Vadar for years, but she really likes his older brother Sean. She plans to win Sean over by making him jealous and pretending to go out with Adam. But Adam starts falling for Lori and everything heats up! Lori is sick of being treated as just one of the guys so when her plan goes all wrong, and she has two brothers fighting over her, it all becomes very difficult.

I really liked this book because of the comedy in it, and because all of the characters were equally likeable, and the author did a really good job of making them all unique. Also, at the end of most chapters there was a cliff-hanger, so it was really gripping and made you want to read on.

Jennifer Echols
Jennifer Echols is American and lives in Alabama, where she was born, with her husband and son. She mostly writes romantic comedies for teenagers but has also done a few for adults. Her first novel was called Major Crush which was about her own high school funny experiences.

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